Kroger's- Fry's, Dillons … Label Change

Did your Krogers or Krogers affiliate change the prescription labels a year or so ago? Did they make them harder to read and write on by:

  • putting the med name on ink-resistant dark amber
  • hiding the dates at the far end
  • decreasing the font of the prescriber’s name
  • including the warnings on the same label
  • putting the dosage & prescription # on dark amber
  • lengthening the label so they need to be turned 360° to be read

I imagine all of us here use the label information; that’s most of what the app first was. These changes are difficult; it’s still taking me too long to pull information off the labels. The photo thing always left off too much information. (I’m not a
senior with vision challenges)

If you’ve noticed the changes and are concerned, email and Tweet the corporate offices of your local affiliate and Kroger corporate. I love my store and related ones in the Southwest and West, I’ve forgiven them the bottle change that preceded this but this is important because it has the potential to lead to medication errors and delayed refills.

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