Trying my best to eat this way. Have lost about 20 lbs and watching out for any inflammatory ingredients. Some better in my back but my hands are killing me. Still taking my Celebrex. Hope this actually works.


Congratulations on the weight loss. That can be a real challenge with arthritis. I know that’s something I need to figure out how to do for myself. Maybe I will be in less pain. I’m glad you found something that’s working for you. Keep up the good work.


Congrats on the weight loss. I just started the KETO myself, hoping to get the same results as u. Keep up the good work.


I do some Keto but my Dr said I couldn’t do full because I am insulin dependent diabetic. I have lots of good recipes I thought was going to be $1 but ended up costing me almost $30 from Claudia Cladwell. If any of y’all are interested email at and I will gladly share them.

Check with your doctor about taking Tylenol with Celebrex. It might help. It does for me. Non-med way might be compression gloves.

Watch for keto flu. It’s just your body adjusting. Up your salt intake use sea or Himalayan pink salt not table.

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Thanks I’ll b keeping an eye out

I have arthritis from head to toe and I’ve had two replacements on my right side I think that was the worst mistake I ever made. The pain is worse now than it was when I had the joints that God gave me. I had total replacements on both and now I have arthritis either above or below the hardware that was put I my shoulder clicks and pops and hurts worse. The reason that had it don’t was that my shoulder and knee were I such bad condition. The doctor that I saw before my surgeon sad that he was amazed that I could move my arm at all. I had torn four of the major tendons on my arm. He said that my skeletal system looked like a football player that spent most of their time being tackled and under a pileup instead of running for the goal. I take oxycodone and oxycodone with tylenol now I’ve been on these medications for almost 9yrs now and they work ok but done always work. There is an uproar about these medications do to addiction and deaths but but everyone doesn’t fall into that category. That is base on doctor pushing pills for every little ache and pain when it’s not needed, and I feel that the person my have addictive tendencies somewhere that got them hooked in the first place. That’s my opinion!! All of the medications that I’ve read in some of your posting I was put on when they first put onto the market and they would work two months or so then back to square one. Celebrex, gabapentin which the doctor gave me such a high dose that I have a permanent spasm in my hands, epidurals last 48 hrs., when I was younger I had to get 6 to 8 shots to get a tooth extracted. I took Nexium for your prescribe by my doctor and I got up off of the toilet and broke my foot I have arthritis there, I was immediately taken of of the medication. They took it off the market for about 6 months because they were getting this kind of thing for other patients the next year it was being sold over the counter. The list of medications go on and on if I stand up too long a pain will shoot across my lower back and down my legs if I don’t sit down I’m on the floor or ground I will just crumple I can’t stand up straight then I go down. The night before i have to go somewhere i won’t take my pain meds i don’t feel like I’m focused enough. Pain and fear caused me to retire early I was a teacher assistant in kindergarten and my balance was/is that I was afraid of falling and hurting one of my babies. That would have hurt me more than my own pain it would have killed me that was in 2011. Nothing has gotten better since then. Be blessed everyone and good luck one your personal journeys for a pain free life.

I know how you feel. And you are in my prayers.

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Thank you!