Keep a positive attitude


Hi my name is Laney. After reading many of your posts I know that I have been a very lucky person all my life. That is not to say I have no problems but they are minor compared to many of yours. Until I was 80 I had very few health problems. Unfortunately as you get older you find that you lose friends on a regular basis. My last five years have not been great because I lost two of my children and my sister who was the last living member of my immediate family except me. I have had several surgeries and this Has left me with some anxiety and panic attacks. I do believe in a positive attitude and that has helped me greatly.
May God bless all of you and give you everything you need.


Thank you Laney. There’s nothing better than the Lord and a good attitude.


80!!! Bless you.


Thank you for your reply. I have learned if you give your problems to God he will solve them for you. I’m not claiming I am a great Christian, just a very lucky one.


Actually 87 this July. Thanks for the blessing.


Dear Chadster
I’m sorry you have such a negative opinion of our government. I know we have some problems but it is still a great country. Im sorry for whatever happened to you to make you so unhappy.
If you reply to me again please do not use the F word That is an unacceptable word.
Thank you for your response.


yes it is very important to have a positive attitude, when you walk around sad all the time. It takes a toll on you.


Thank you for the posi vibes!! God bless!