I’m pretty sure I have hit a plateau right now. So I’m cutting out more carbs. Today I had a hamburger no bun. It’s not easy I love them the buns and bread. If it takes me giving that bread french fries I guess I can do it. Right now I’m at right at 300 pounds I would like to lose another hundred if I can. They only need to lose 50 for them to do my surgery on my knee


It sounds like your doing a great job! Keep up the hard work!! You are almost there!! You got this!


Congrats on getting this far. What diet are you on?


Hey I have good news for you.after 15 years of meds I weighed 311…I lost 168 lbs in 2 years on weight watchers as I followed their plan perfectly…
I got down to what I weighed my entire life, 135 lbs.
YOU CAN DO IT!! IT just takes time and effort and exercise…


I mostly just cutting back on calories but I’m trying to keto diet to. And I’m cutting back way way back on carbs


I do some keto and watch my carbs. I’m Insulin Depent Diabetic so can’t do full keto. I have a bunch of really good keto recipes that I thought was only $1.08 but cost me that plus $28.08 more a few days later from Claudia Cladwell. But the only way I can share is by email. If you are interested you can email me at ladyrancher74@gmail.com.

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You can do it look how far uve come good look

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Tell yourself you can do it. stay away for fast food. Fast food stuff will put the pounds on. Also try to stay away from all sweetness products and no starch products. like bread, rice, mash potatoes. your body turns that kind of stuff to surgery stuff in your body. I will pray that this will come to some help.

I had to do the same thing & I did it -I lost 80 pounds & I had my right knee replaced. Recovery took a very long time. And unfortunately I gained the weight back. But that’s me. I have recently cut back on my drinking, which is good. I know that I have done it before & I will do it again.
Good luck with your journey - you’ll get that knee fixed. Just believe in yourself.