Just venting psychiatry related problems

I have to take these pills for ptsd +nightmares and I was lowered a whopping 5mg out of my regular 15mg, this was lowered in November about a week ago and I’m going to talk to my therapist in four hours about getting at least 2 Mgs added because I’m not getting good rest. Does anyone ever have problem speaking up in psychiatry appointments from time to time? This hasn’t been so much a trouble for me lately but for some reason I’m anxious that I will be turned down and then be doomed with my lowered medication and have awful/no sleep for a while until I’m used to It.


Hi instead of telling the Dr I myself would cut one my tablets in halves an see what happens Good luck.

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Speak up for yourself! Only you know your body. Doctors are just people doing their best (most of them).


Speak up because you are the only one who can tell them what is going on with you and your meds! If you don’t feel they are listening to you then it’s time to find another therapist/doctor! What medication did they put you on? For your sleep have you tried taking Melatonin? My doctors had me try several different sleeping pills but I was sleep walking on all of them that they had me tryso decided that was not an option for me due to having falls causing injuries to myself, my Husband one morning saw that our car was not where he parked it when he came home so we are believe that I had gone for a drive somewhere and the Good Lord watched over me and got me home safely!
I’m rambling and the point I’m trying to make is speak up for yourself and share with your doctor what is going on with you because you are the only one who can…if you are a person who has trouble talking to other’s just know that each time you talk the easier it gets so it’s a matter of getting the courage to speak up!

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