Just saying hi

Hi everyone, I just joined. I take a good amount of medications, I’m 15 months sober on the methadone program so i take that, then meds for anxiety, adhd and depression, blood pressure, and I was blessed to have my insurance pay for the hepatitis c cure so I take that, it’s a very expensive 8 week course that cures you. No needless to say I need reminders once in awhile lol.

Unfortunately, the hep c meds make you feel very fatigued, and can make the depression and anxiety worse but I only have six more weeks and I’m cured so gotta push through. Anyhow, hope everyone here is doing well and it’s nice to meet you all,



Please to meet you as well. Hope you start to feel better soon too. I have a lot of health problems. But here if you ever need an ear or two.


Methadone will help you get off of any type of drug you are trying to get off of. not good to use this for a long term. just tell yourself you can do it everyday. with good support you can do it. Just take one day and thing at a time and it will work. it will just take time and you will feel better when you get off of that drug alone. just keep up with the good work.


You might need to be put on meds for the depression and anxiety issues. the meds are there to help you get thru this. It will work just give the meds some time. let Dr know so he or she can help you in anyway they can.

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Hi welcome. I did the Hep C meds for the 8 weeks the first 2 weeks did make me feel worse but by the end of the 2nd week I wasn’t so depressed. I am always fatigued though but I am Diabetic and have other health issues.

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He said he is on meds for anxiety, depression, ADHD, and whatever.

I did the hep c cure treatment. Believe me when I say I fully understand what you are going through. I was on Epclusa. It will be worth it in the end to not have it anymore. I do find one issue. I have been free from hep c for a while now but I still haven’t gotten back my energy levels.

I also have medication for or anxiety depression ADHD and several other things