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Hey all my name is Kathrine and zi was diagnosed in 2009 with Fibromyalgia. Had spinal tap done cause the doctors thought I had MS and they came out and nope it fibromyalgia. Been on nearly everything out there for it. Most medicine doesn’t work for me since I am hypersensitive to them aka I can a child does like most people take an adult dose. Just found the community pages and wanted to come in and say hello

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My name is Bob I have fibromyalgia as well. My doctor perscribed the drug Savella. It seems to work well for me. I have tried all the other drugs for fibromyalgia and they all had bad side effects.

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Hi Bob I hope that this finds you have a good low pain day. Yea the doctors have to keep trying to find what works for each person since fibromyalgia doesn’t fit neatly into a pocket. I’ve tried most of the ones out there. This year is my first on Savella

Hoping you have low pain day as well no pain pills heNo pain pills help me. Sometimes hot tub helps or bath. What is hard is finding people to talk to. Fibro in men is rare

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I think some of it is that men ate made fun of for admitting a “weakness.” Hell a man is called a woman if he crys when he feels emotion. And I personally think it’s BS