Just keep at it

Ive decided to really get serious about loosing weight im 30 yrs old 5’7 268 lbs, baby 1 month away. I went to medi weightloss clinic, gave me 1000 calorie diet and a medication called “contrave”. Ive been on this medicine for 2 days and im convinced its working it curbs my apetite and compulsion for food. Wish me luck


Good luck!

Don’t panic if the weight doesn’t melt away. Your body stocked up on fuel for the pregnancy and it may take a bit of time for everything to go back to normal.

Good luck! I hope it works. Please let us know.

Lol that was hilarious!!! Baby on the way lol im not the one who is pregnant my wife is. I should have wrote 268lbs man there

Oops lol!