Just a note about Coronavirus

I take Humaria every week, I’ll be 78 next month and I am not in good health. My doctors say that my best defense is avoid crowds, wear surgical gloves and/or wash my hands frequently with soap and water being sure to brush under your nails (Which should be kept short). And don’t touch my mouth, eyes, or nose.


If every1 did as ur doc advised, the spread wud stop, plz take care, as always stay blessed.


And blessings on you.

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Found out today that my pre-op labs came back. I have a “significant UTI” and a Staph infection. Now they have me on Cefdinar 300mg. Hopefully the infections will show signs of improvement on the 11th because I am scheduled for a surgical procedure on the 13th.

Stay safe too. God bless you and take care of yourself too. God loves us.

I’ve decided I need a bubble suit. On April 23, two Pitt bulls broke through my fence and chased me into my house. Running away from them, I twisted the knee I had replaced and now have a severe sprain and need a brace on it. Last Saturday, I decided to dust the blades of my ceiling fan in my bedroom. I decided to stand on the bed (if I fell, I would land on the mattress I THOUGHT. Nope, I bounced on the mattress and landed on my shoulder and upper back. Torn rotor cuff in shoulder, possible broken (or cracked)ribs in back and front rib cage. I’ve decided I have a severe case of stupidity.

Oh, that’s awful :( Did you see a doctor since then?