It's official

After doing test after test after test, and then did some more tests.
The pulmonologist diagnosed me with severe COPD.
I’m now on oxygen 24/7. I tried the other day to go without, that last about 15 minutes max. My O2 level dropped to around 86, and I couldn’t take it anymore, so I put the oxygen back on.
I took a bit for my level to come up. The doctor told me not to do that no more, that is when I learned a bit more, it seems that my lungs are only working at about 50% of normal.




Having a diagnosis and a treatment plan is a good thing, right?


Wow that’s scary.

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That is tough. Keep the oxygen on and do what the dr says. Take each day as you can.


So sorry, but having a diagnosis and treatment plan can help a lot with that. I have Asthma and it took them awhile to diagnose it and get the right mix if medications but now I am doing pretty well - no O2, only a few times when I need my rescue inhaler or nebulizer treatments so Diagnosis and treatment plans are real important for those pulmonary diseases.

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I have moderate/severe COPD, I was diagnosed in 2016. I am a VA Hospital patient. Other than medications I have telehealth. Three times a day, more if I need, I have a pulse ox meter that is connected to my nurseS at the VA 24/7. They will advise me to go to the ER and they will transmit my data to them.
I expect that I will be on portable O2 soon enough.


Yes! It helps you understand what’s happening and how you can move forward with your new situation.


Do you know each time you go without oxygen you’re working your heart harder than it needs to be worked. I have COPD and I can tell you I’m never without my accident even in the shower.