It’s Back


Had gastric sleeve surgery in February of 2013. Lost 100 lbs and diabetes symptoms were gone last week saw doctor and A1c was 6.1. So it’s back previously they were 5.4–5.8. Needless to say am pretty down about this. Watching my diet again and nothing sweet or carby. Have next A1c July 1. Anybody else had this happen???


I have not had the surgery.
However, I had got my A1c down to 6.1 and was taken off Metforman. My first check it was still 6.1.
My Cardiologest put me on a new diet no more than 2 G sodium, low cholesterol, low fat diet. I have gained 8 pounds in 3 weeks. I see my primary June 3. I am sure it has gone up.
I am depressed about the weight gain. I called my insurance to see if I could see a nutritionist. I have my first appointment on May 20.
I hope the nutristionest can help me.
This is all I can think of to do. Hope you can get yours down.
Do you think a nutrisitonest could help you?


I will see one as soon as can get appt. now I can’t eat much and still have the diabetes bummer. Also they are working me up for CKD chronic kidney disease been a great week 🤬


Don’t be so hard on yourself. 6.1 is fine.


I have read many articles about this, and they all said we need good facts and lots of protein and carbs. The brain uses fat then protein and then carbs to functioen people go on such a diet as you have the brain suffers because it doesn’t have what it needs to function. WE need to eat a balanced diet with good fats, proteins, and carbs and get more active and that will make all of us healthier.


Aww man. Things are pileing up on you.
I hope and pray that this turns out to be a false alarm.
I will pray for you.


Thanks for the advice I will try that.
I used to eat more fish when I lived in Houston. It was easier to find good fish there.
Fish is good for your brain and your heart low in calories. Hopefully not full of salt. Now the cogs in my brain are screeching into action, thinking of a good fish dish to cook.
I am so glad when my brain fogs someone on here reminds me what I should know or pulls that knowledge out of the cobwebs of my mind.
Try to stay well. Keep me posted on your test results.


My cholesterol is really good my A1C is 6.2 I eat what I want I don’t really stick to any diet I have sweets now and then I don’t eat a lot of fried food I eat out and when I do I don’t really pay attention to what I’m eating other than I try to eat healthy I don’t load up on carbs I don’t load up on sweets I just eat what I think sounds good and is healthy and I have lost a lot of weight over the last year or so I’ve lost well over a hundred pounds recently I lost 40 lb but that was due to another reason a health reason that is. I’m not saying everyone should do what I’m doing but my doctors are happy they’re glad that my A1C is solo they’re glad that I’ve lost so much weight and so am I don’t get me wrong I am very happy that I’ve lost so much weight but some of it was a house freezing and some of it was just because I was tired of being so big I started watching what I ate and I’ve gotten used to not eating a bunch of junk anymore like I said I hardly ever eat fried food and when I do all my I eat it like there’s no tomorrow I just can’t get enough but then I don’t eat that much when I do eat it for me if I have five or six pieces of fried Food I think there’s no tomorrow for that that’s the best life the ridge you know I can have five or six onion rings and think there’s no tomorrow. But then as the saying goes what works for one doesn’t work for everyone but the guy that I mentioned they said that we need to eat good fats not bad.


Yes we need good fats they help our brains. Also the good fats help fight the plack that builds up in our veins and slow down
But eating whatever you want must be working for you. For me it was a disaster.
Following a diet has also been a disaster.
If I watch my salt my blood pressure is good. If I do good on the carbs and sugar my blood pressure is high.
I an going to see a nutritionist on the 20th. In hopes of finding a sloution to that problem.
Keep being well.


Thank you


You are welcome


Your A1c is fine hon. 6.1 is perfect and if it’s was at one point lower than that that was good too. Plus now Doctors when they go to meetings for updates on medical procedures and new med cones now there saying the A1C is suppose to be not so tightly controlled because it can shorten life expectancy. Because having to many insulin reactions it does alot to the body. and I’ve been insulin dependant for over 30 years. My Doctor told me that about month ago they allow A1C to be even 8.1


Thanks for the info this is a great site.