Is this MS after all

Ive been going through so many changes past year. Pain numbness ,aches, itching legs and arms, pins, painfull muscle spasms daily, vision problems, speech , instant forgetfullness, migranes, i being for sone of these but not sure if my doc is really looking at the big pic. Im stressing on it majorly. What is wrong with me.?

Same symptoms I have. Have you seen a Neurologist? They determine if you have MS by spinal tap and MRI.

I haven’t been diagnosed with MS but it was suggested that I may have it. I have had only one test to see if I belong in a category due to having a weak left eye tht the lid closes when I become very tired. I also have very similar symptoms but I wasn’t sure of how to further investigate these problems… weakness on one side of my body … several falls with no explanation for this. I use a walker even I. My house. I can’t walk to one room to the next at times. , yet other times I can. The pain is high and I have a pain pump for that. I was born with a rare blood disease . Going just in that thought, .?i understand that’s more or less what the drs classify me as . I know I’m not much help to you. I’m sorry for that, not knowing what’s going on with you because after all this is your life. They are expected to help us understand our problems or at least direct us in the right direction . I can offer you my prayers. I can pray for you. Jesus knows . He created us so He will always love us and comfort us. He will supply all our needs. I’ll be praying for you God bless you.

I was diagnosed with MS in 2007 and have had many of the same symptoms. I did have MRI’s and a spinal tap for the MS diagnosis. ( the spinal tap was lost, but they still made the MS diagnosis based on the MRI.)
When I would get in a jacuzzi, I would become very weak to where I had to have help to get out.
I have seen 3 neurologists over the past 13 years. 2 were top in the MS field. The MS Society is very helpful. You May want to contact them if you have questions regarding Multiple Sclerosis. They have many resources that are helpful. I pray you are able to find an answer soon. God bless you.