Is anyone dealing with Respiratory Failure?

I’ve been diagnosed with Hypercapnic Hypoxic respiratory failure? 4 Dr.s said leave CO as the high altitude is contributing to my respiratory failure and gave me 3-5 years. I was told by them to move to San Diego but we can not afford the increased expense San Diego has. I’m still in Co but plan to move somewhere with lower altitude no molds and can maintain my respiratory issues as well as Asthma, Lupus, RA, and the list goes on.


🙏🙏🙏 So sorry to hear of your difficulties.

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Palm Springs ? INDIO IS MORE DRY A ACTUALLY… palm springs and desert hot springs are too windy! So LOW DESERT


Great doctors at EISENHOWER in Rancho mirage, do t go to desert regional anyhoo God blesss

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Yes. I’m 16 and dealing with heart and lung failure.

Iam so sorry to hear this hope you find your place to live, durning this time due to your health issues

Iam so sorry
to hear that. Take care dear

I question moving to San Diego due to smog. Go to google, enter information about medical conditions and what the annual cost of the location