Introducing myself

My name is Brenda. I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2010. Did oral chemotherapy until April 2012. Had a stem cell transplant on May 17, 2012. Have since been in remission. Multiple myeloma is not considered curable but treatable. I need to make periodic visits to my cancer clinic to be sure I am still in remission.


That’s greatnewsto me .I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in February of 2018. I took Revlimed chemotherapy pills and valicade for 7 rounds . 2weeks on and 1week off. In August I had a Stem cell transplant , but I still needed 4 more rounds of the chemotherapy treatment. I have been in remission for the pass 3 months.


My oral chemo was Thalidomide and Dexamethasone.
I also took Zometa, a bone strengthener throughout all.
I did take, I believe, Revlimid and I think, prednisone after the stem cell transplant. I don’t remember for sure thanks to chemo brain.
I haven’t taken anything for a number of years now.


I did take the steriod dexamethasone with the revlimed . besides eating it keep me up all night and even into the next day. One time I drove to Ohio from Virginia which is an 8 to 9 HR drive . I left at 630pm and got in to Xenia Ohio at about 345am and stayed awake another hour. I still take Zometa to keep my bones strong. I also still work at UPS as a driver delivering packages everyday Too.


I’ve been on disability for 15 years due to a stroke.

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Ok , I hope that you are doing much better

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You’d think I was a hypochondriac if I listed all my health issues.

😁 haha

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I had a stem cell transplant in April 2015 and have stayed in a very good partial remission since then. I have never felt like I did before the diagnosis. Have either of you? I went back to work in July 2015 so have been able to continue working but don’t have the energy I used too. I just turned 58 so that could be it but wanted to see if this was typical or just me. Thanks. Sending prayers that you both remain in remission.


I am still in remission for over 9 months


Great news!

I take it one day at a time. My yearly scans and bloodwork were back in May 2019 so still in very good partial remission, which is great.

Do you experience any tiredness or bone pain?

Thank you

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Congratulations on your cancer remission. That is always great news to hear from someone, AWESOME, stay hopeful & positive & stay 💪 strong like i know you are!!! Celebrate!!🎇🎆🌹🌷😉


Hello, I’m happy to know that you are in remission even if it’s just partial remission. After my multiple myeloma and amyloidosis diagnosis, whipple surgery, stem cell transplant, remission for over 11 years, then the relapse and more treatment of Velcade (whew!) I don’t feel the same either.

I still suffer from the long term side effects of the chemo and a very severe infection. My energy level sucks! And yes, we’re all getting older but I still enjoy going places and visiting family and friends. It’s just so much harder to get out of the house when you barely have enough energy to take a shower and get dressed.

I wish all of us stay in remission and we get our energy back so we can go and do the things that we like to do.

But in the meantime, I’m afraid this is our new normal.

I pray for a cure for cancer and I wish you all the best.



Thank you Marguerite! At least I now know that I am not the only one who is always exhausted. I don’t like this new normal but at least I am still here.

I have heard that they are now working on immunotherapy for MM. My dr said that once it is approved and we need to have another transplant, the immunotherapy would be a one time thing and then we would be cancer free.

Wouldn’t that be great!!’

Thanks again. I appreciate it.


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That is great news!!! I don’t know much, or really anything, about immunotherapy but if it’s a cure for MM, then I’m all for it.

When I had my stem cell transplant back in 2007, they harvested more stem cells than what I actually needed. So I have some frozen in a storage facility. If I ever need to have another transplant, then I am ready to go.

Keep positive and stay strong!!

I wish you all the best,


Thank you! They harvested my stem cells as well. I have enough for a treatment and a half.

Thanks so much for your advice and hope. It gives me peace knowing others have a new normal too and are surviving it!

Take care and stay strong!!


That is great news. Hopefully, you will stay in remission for years!!