Insomnia with body heat and dry throat

When temperatures starting rising in June, I’ve had chronic insomnia. I have studied it very carefully and eliminated all factors except 1) heat 2) humidity 3) air pressure. When 1 or more of those are high, I wake up feeling hot and often a dry throat. I have adjusted my humidifier, dehumidifier, A/C, and fan religiously which helps but it’s still going on.

I got a sleep study done and was not diagnosed with sleep apnea. Before this started, I started using Flonase every day and also saline water in my nasal passages. That could be causing inflammation and I plan on going to the ENT next.

Anyone had this kind of strange insomnia. I have eliminated diet and stress and sure of that.

Thanks! I hope I can also help others in this community


Try Vicks vapor rub on the bridge of your nose. I do it every night and sleep so well. Just a dab

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Hello everyone, I am called Prater2019, it is a pleasure to be part of this growing group of friends. I am 63 years old and I have high blood pressure and I am working on eating better. I am looking forward to sharing my health concerns and getting advice from everyone on how to manage my blood pressure and eating habits so I do not have to go to insulin.

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I think my problems have been due to Flonase medication. I’ve stopped taking and things are getting better