Insight needed

Recently i learned my healthy side is now starting to get arthritis. Luckly its just a random pain. The constant pain will come so im wondering what could help the pain when i cant have an anti-inflammatory, also i the Tylenol and aspirin dont seem strong enough. Need som good possiblities

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My dr has me on gabapentin, but I don’t feel much relief with it. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful

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Are you on a blood thinner?
I myself am on a blood thinner and take prescription 500 mg of naproxen 2x per day. My warfarin/Coumadin blood tests keep my blood from becoming too thin. I most likely take a higher dose of warfarin.
It could be different for you. Check with your doctor, maybe you could work something out.

Im on 81mg asprin i was taken off my pramipexole last year

So they are not checking the thickness of your blood?

I think they were but it they stoped when the pramapixcl was stopped

That makes it difficult then.

Try asking your Dr to write a script for Diclofenac Sodium Topical Gel, 1%

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Thank you 😊

I have pain in both shoulders left elbow left hand and left knee and this Topical just Knox the pain right out. And it does not leave a bengay smell it has a slight smell but once it’s absorbed the smell is gone.

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Gabapentin plus marijuana has helped me… plus my hypertension is lowered after a few puffs.

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Try CBD oil. Talk with a pharmist and start low…

Have you tried topical ointment .There is a Chinese ointment called:; BENG GAY:Obtained at any West lndian / Latino or Chinese Grocery in Continental USA.Best to try Topical before start “popping pill” that may traumatize our internal organs-Think about it!

Ribbing alcohol can be used to get rid of the beng gay smell just like Vicks vapor rub. These ointment are best used at night when we prepare for bed

What topical pain cream do you use I’m arthritic on both sides from my feet up