Input & output of medical reports


An easier way to email ir input medical reports. I have used cph pic, I think email in & out could be easier. I love the app, and all medical facilities have also .


It would be so good ti be able to present a nicer print out of my meds & the times I take to my doctors than what is available now. What prints out now for time to take is a check off sheet for you or someone else monitoring your meds for you. I very much like the detail on the med list, bit it doesn’t have the time that the meds are taken. Right now I have to go to Excel & make another sheet in order to be able to present a simple form with all the info a particular doctor wants to see. It would be so good to be able to print out a spread sheet type of form where I can choose which elements I want on the form. When making a new sheet there’s more of an opportunity to make a mistake lor leave something out or both (& I often do!)


This is a great idea!