Hello everyone I’m new I’m Susan I wanted to know if there is any organizations where I could appy for job spending time with the disabled or the elderly such as just having conversation with them playing cards play a game reading just passing the time with them I would like a part-time job doing that however I can’t do much else I am disabled from a back surgery and I walk with a cane but any information would be helpful thank you

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I have worked in nursing homes for the last 30 years. The closest I can think of would be the activities department in one of your local homes. they do those types of activities but they are structured so you cannot just go on your own and do your own thing. What you are talking about sounds more like a volunteer but you may be able to find specific things within that department that fits with your disabilities. Good luck to you my friend and may God bless you.

Try nursing home assisted residential living facility or a hospital.

First of all, what area are u located in?

Heinzerling foundation, special olympics