Include a "Reason" field for skipped/missed meds


Why you took a med late or why you skipped it.
Like my blood pressure was very low and I skipped it. But later I took it because my blood pressure was up.
That way we have it to show our dr later.
Also I need a way to keep track of how often my AFIB exasperated during the month and what I was doing.when it happened.
I love your app and love the suggestions some people have made. Keep up the good work.

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Hi @Sunshine—Thanks for sharing your idea about creating a place to note a missed/skipped med.

I’m excited to share that you will soon be able to mark meds as “skipped” in the app!

There isn’t yet a way to mark the reason for skipping a dose, but I’ve moved your comment to its own topic here. This helps make your idea visible to others (and our team)—and also allows us to update you if the idea is implemented in the future.

If you’d like, please feel free to add a separate topic in Suggestions & Ideas for the additional idea you mentioned about tracking AFIB history.

I appreciate your support!

Community Manager