In need of suggestions

My name is Margie and my stroke occurred on July 15, 2014. One of the remaining affects of my stroke is that the toes on my left footcurl in. I had surgery to fix this, but my foot still arches slightly and I cannot figure out a way to stop the arching. Does anybody have any suggestions as I am completely out of ideas. Thank you everybody.


I had 6 Strokes and many TIA’S and I into a Coma for 4 months until God blessed me to wake up, this was in 2013 March 11, when my family was about to pull the plug on me. That was then, in March 11 2013- but it’s 2020, so I can do everything, my right toes curl up also on my right leg walking is difficult but with my brace I can walk, even shower I have a difficulty standing because of my foot curling, to the right side, and my knee goes back when I walk, but everything, happens to me on my right side, there’s problems, doing anything thing, that consist with anything that has to be done. I don’t want to say that, only if God gives me the strength, I can do it anything.
I’m not afraid to try and fail, but I need to give it a shot for my self worth, and God and Jesus Christ have my back, with that being said. I have everything I need.
Amen 🙏 Hallelujah prasie God for keeping me alive.