Improve how to reorder and hide Trackers

Hi @mamandel—I’m happy to share that you can edit and sort your Trackers list!

Here’s how:

1- Tap Trackers.
2- Tap the pencil icon (on Android), or “Edit List” (on iOS).
3- Press and hold the 3 horizontal lines at the far right and drag the Tracker to the preferred place in the list.
4- To hide a tracker, uncheck the box by tapping it (on Android) or slide the toggle to the left (on iOS).

Please let me know if this works for you!

Take care,


And how about letting us move the displayed trackers into whatever order we want and KEEPING that order for subsequent times, till we change it? That way we could have the trackers we’re most interested in at the top of the list.

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That worked, thanks, but only on the second try: at first I didn’t see the stack of 3 lines, because they’re in pale grey on a white background, close to invisible. (Checkboxes on many apps are even worse that way!)

Besides that, even when a user sees the stacks of lines (the “sandwiches”, as I’ve seen them called elsewhere), “What is THAT for?” It isn’t obvious by any means; maybe it is to people who are familiar with the app or who do a lot of programming or have seen it that way in many other apps, but that’s not all of us, no way.

As you add functionality and there are more and more things a user can do, pretty soon you need a Help function. (Come to think of it, this is another fact that will not be obvious to the people working on or with the program, because for them the transition is gradual. But Heaven help the poor newbie!) And access to that function had better be easy to find, as close as possible to being obvious’