Importance of exercising and eating healthy! Picture of Broccoli growing in my garden😋

Good morning 🌞 everyone I hope your day is filled with lots of love and laughter,it creates less stress,an we all know that stress is not good for you!! exercise your body as well as your mind,drink plenty of fluids and check on your elders!!an get a least 20 minutes of activity in!! doesn’t matter how you do it but at least try!! better health great life 🤗 here’s a hug to all that needs one!!


Your cauliflowet looks great !
We can only live one day at a time and since we aren’t promised tomorrow we would be foolish to waste the day we have. God is ggood always. Silly is to waste what is given to us .
I suffer DAILY with many things, but just a after thought. It doesn’t define me as a person. Have a great weekend !😍


Thanks I needed that hug!!!

That’s nice photo of your vegetable garden, I have some vegetables coming up too,and I need a good hug too. Thanks alot for sharing. Debbie Lebarron