I'm new, anxious and extremely depressed


Hi! I just stumbled upon this site looking for someone to help me with my meds. I cannot seem to keep them together and down my throat! I’ve list 3 full prescriptions in the last 6 months. Insurance says that’s a no no. I doubt they’ll cover another loss. So I found the packaged pill thing here.
I hadn’t even realized how depressed I have been untill i told my friend that i can only force myself into the shower about once a week and only then do i change my clothes. I do not go any where, not the grocery store, …no where. Not even church anymore. I get freaked out at the prospect of leaving my 4 walls! My friend told me that it is not normal. Huh, I couldn’t seem to recognize the symptoms.
Thank you for listening.


I would get a pill organizer, and educate myself with the medicine you are taking. But a support system is crucial! If you have any hobbies; that would give you something to look forward too, and may lead to better social skills, and may motivate you to take better care of yourself. Just a thought…


Whats terrible about this is i DO have a pill organizer and use it! Lol. I guess i have a problem getting the pills from the pharmacy into the pill box. I lose them somewhere in the transition.
I have opted to participate in the pill packaging care zone offers. I’ve used a service like that before and it worked out well but my meds kept getting stolen from my mail box so i went back to the local pharmacy. I moved into a more secure home so this should work. I made an appt to see my psych Dr. I really didnt realize how bad I am until my friend pointed out that my behavior is not normal… But what is normal, really.
Thank you so much for your comment, I value any thoughts that are sent my way!


Hi, I totally understand you, and you are not alone. I go days without taking a shower and don’t care. I don’t work, have children that keep me going, but no one understands the loneliness. I have been on several different meds, but never 100% ok. I am here for you to just chat or,listen as I get it.


It’s seems that you are depressed and you definitely need to get the meds that you need. They will help some. You need to call on your Lord and savior Jesus Christ he is a healer.


It seems as if we are twins! I think i might still be going through empty nest syndrome though my kids are 24 and 25 and they moved out a few years ago. I don’t work either. No point in getting dressed or showering because I’m not going anywhere! Theres nothing that i want to do. I dont care about volunteering anymore, I wont go to my son’s house because there are people “out there”.
Ill keep you in my prayers my friend…the struggle is real.


If it weren’t for Gods grace and mercy i wouldn’t be in the place I am now. He has protected me from myself, from the enemy that tries to kill me and my stinking thinking.
I have never lost hope because I DO have a relationship with my Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. This will end in His time but the struggle still exists.


Yes we are twins and I get it! I will also keep you in my prayers. Keep me posted.


Unfortunately those of us with mental health issues are widely misjudged I understand what you’re going through and I’m sorry you’re struggling. I hope you find answers and hope soon.


Agree. We are very much MISJUDGED and constantly getting more and worse each day that someone with a mental health issue gets a hold of a gun and kills people. this is not where I wanted to go with this; so I will get back on track here. we are misjudged and because of that, it’s a great thing CareZone has come up with these groups so that we can meet each other, connect with and learn from each other, and hopefully help each other. Like Anise said before, Im sorry you’re struggling. I hope you find answers and hope soon.


Thank you so much. I’m sorry the late response, I’m still trying to figure this app out. We are twins! I have started forcing myself out to walk as its getting nice outside, but still days I don’t shower, watch tv all day, and don’t care. I will pray for you!!


Hi I understand how you feel, I also have no kids or job to keep me going. I don’t feel like doing any of the hobbies I used to love. I just saw my Doctor yesterday and she changed my medicine slightly. We’ll see what happens. There are days when I never get dressed and hid under the blanket all day, literally all day.


Is the Doctor changing the medication you are taking then? Are you scared to try another on? I thought I was the only one staying in my house, doing nothing.