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Okay, so we can dictate if our mobiles and apps support it, and we can add a picture that we take on the spot or that we have on the gadget. But these icons get seriously in the way of our text. On my Android they cover the rightmost quarter of almost half the lines in the typing window. I mean, look at this (screenshot attached)! Right now I’m using pretty simple vicXXX vocabulary for the most part. But when it gets to medical terms or just longer words like “vocabulary” (which I’m perfectly familiar with but was typing letter by letter while it was hidden behind an icon, and that was a genuine typo), these are a serious interference.

My workaround so far is to add a bunch of blank lines at the end of the post so I can scroll down to raise my input above the icons. I’m leaving those lines in here and marking the lowest so you can see what I mean.

I understand that making the icons smaller would make them harder to use, especially for users with fine motor control problems, but I have an alternate suggestion: put the icons SIDE BY SIDE in the bottom right of the input field, and they’d obscure only a couple of lines. That wouldn’t solve the issue entirely, but it would certainly mitigate it.

____ Here is my lowest line. ____

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I didn’t expect the screenshot to be decapitated and the ten blank lines to be reduced to two or three.

Hi @mamandel, I’m so sorry these icons are crowding the screen on your device. I can certainly see how they’re getting in the way.

It appears that this happens on devices with smaller screens. I apologize that there isn’t a fix for this right now, since this is the way Android has set the UI.

If convenient, posting from the web at community.carezone.com might be easier. It provides a much larger typing field without the icon interference that you’re experiencing.

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Well, I’m doing that today because my phone won’t take a charge! That’s an emergency that I’ll head out to try and find a fix for after brunch. But I think I will write to Android instead.

I’m often away from home when I make an entry. My med schedule spreads across the morning and the evening, and that might sound manageable except that I have a problematic, very late sleep-wake schedule and often don’t take a med till even hours after my scheduled time. (Most of the meds are not very time-critical.) So I really need to have the phone for CareZone, and so the web-via-computer workaround isn’t practical for me.