I miss my mother


My mom died and night September 28th 1996 she died of an Adit ism but everything I like Bella Park after she died they pushed my sister out of the house that she was supposed to get is my dad said so before he died my died died in 1977 October don’t remember the date my dad was 60 and my mom was 75 when she died her mom was 75 years old when she died. I still think of my mom often I’m trying now to take care of my sister Renee she has had a stroke earlier I think it’s been about 5-10 years since she had her stroke at least I got her here with me now she did live in Umatilla but her apartment burnt down so now I got her here she’s living in a studio it’s small only if she can get something bigger her son it supposed to help her keep things cleaned up but he’s not it’s a mess because she can’t bend down but he can begin to act like his brothers lazy oh that’s it right now thanks for listening.


I understand, my mom passed frm Alz 2 1/2 yrs ago,my hubby in '96 frm cancer n my only sibling in '95 frm a accident. I get so depressed at times so sad to the point of sobbing. It’s good that your taking care of your stroke ridden sister, but sad that her son(s) won’t help. I hope brighter days comes your way an the universe grants you much happiness.


My mom has Alzheimer’s, and my older (by 16 months) sister (only sibling) was killed in a car accident two years ago this coming June 14th (my daughter’s birthday). I miss my sister so much, and I really miss “my mom” even though she is still alive just because Alzheimer’s has taken so much out of her. I understand sobbing … some days are really bad. I know I will see my sister again because she knew Jesus as her Savior, but it doesn’t stop the heartache!!!


I feel your pain, my mama suffered so much with Alzheimer’s it was heartbreaking so sad to see her deteriorate mentally, which stage is your mama in? My mama lived with it for 16 yrs an died at 74 due to the complications. No one can understand the pain, the sadness, tiring efforts being a caretaker of a loved one. My dad took care of mama unconditionally. My prayers an thoughts are you. Anytime you wanna talk or need to talk please let me know.


My mom is in fairly early stage - she still knows all of us (at least by sight, maybe not by name or relationship). Each day her eyes seem to be going behind a curtain. She cannot always formulate what she wants to say so she just makes faces that say it all (that is a family trait on her side anyway - my grandma and great grandma on her side would do the same thing, and you just knew how they felt about whatever was going on. My mom hasn’t begun to wander yet.
Some of my problem is my dad wants complete control over her care and her meds, and he, himself, is in early stages of dementia. He also had polio when he was 13, and now is confined to a wheelchair so he really cannot take care of mom. They just moved closer to me (after the death of my sister) into an Assisted Living facility. Even though I never thought my parents would be in a facility, this one is really nice. I also think it is good because it is a safe environment for my mom, and the staff is helping by gradually taking over mom’s care. My dad isn’t happy and takes it out on me, but my husband helps me deal with it - he does a lot for them so I don’t have to always take the lashing out of my dad. My husband also goes with me when I go to take care of my mom so my dad won’t lash out - my dad never confronts me when someone is with me. It’s been rough grieving for my sister and watching my parents deteriorate (grieving the loss of the parents I once had).