I have chronic migraines

Bell palsy and vertigo


I am sorry you deal with all of that. I too have chronic migraines and sometimes I get vertigo with my migraines. What do you take for your migraines? I take topamax and now I am on aimovig.

Sorry to hear about that Purplelady. I have also had to deal with those 3 plus MS and Epilepsy over a 22 year period. No fun.

I just started aimoving and Tramadol

I have been taking the tramodrol also. But, I am going to have to go up on my dosage. I suffer from migraine, and tension headache. Also a diabetic type 2 with neurothy in feet and legs. Don’t have sugar under control yet. Working on it. I have a enlarged spleen due to my cirhossies of the liver. I’m sure that the spelling is not correct. 4 pinched nerves in my neck. Hands and fingers go numb alot. Back pain pretty much all the time. Especially if standing. I’m on Gabapentin but had a lot of side effects after a year or so. So he is decreasing dosage and going to change it to something else. I have been going around like in a daze. Tired and sleepy and dozing off. Even if I get a decent amount of sleep. I also can’t remember shit. Well I guess that I will stop complaining and get back to work. Have a blessed day and prayers 🙏 for everyone.

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I don’t have it as bad as you do that I have chronic migraines Bill possibly vertigo restless leg syndrome asthma arthritis but these dizzy spells is getting me really bad where is Bell palsy and vertigo mixed together God bless you hope you get better


I was suffering from Migraines and I had a bout of Bells Palsy. Prayers for comfort and healing.
I found out I had allergies to certain foods so I have cut back.
I also just had a 10 year Anniversary for an accident that changed my life w migraines again! Then I was Tboned 2 years ago ended w a TBI.
Blessings to you and your journey


Thank you very much and prayers to you too and I hope you and your family best wishes and please get better God bless

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Thank you and you also. Don’t know if you are a believer or not. But, I am. So I will be praying 🙏 for us all to be better. If it is his will.


Sorry your having to change your medicine. I was offered to try a test of my metabolism to see if my body would metabolize my meds. I found out my body doesn’t care for a few so we’re trying different medications now. Im not offering medical advice

I hope you find something that you can take to help you. Prayers 🙏