I have all over pain and my inflammatory markers are sky high

Any tips on natural ways to relieve pain? My doctors are dragging ass getting me help.

It totally depends on where its steam from. Were you in an accident, fell ? Or did it start for no apparent reason?

I use herbal oils. The company I used to get Deep Tissue Repair is out of business now. My mother makes her own, but not as strong as the other. Some chiropractic places have the oils, I’ve found that if you go on line, you can find how to make them yourself. I have her recipe somewhere, but I add more Frankincense and peppermint to mine when I make it. Crazy as it sounds, Bag Balm and Tiger Balm help me also.

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It started for no reason

I would definitely go to your pain specialist. I really wish I could help more but if you want you can pm me. Wish I could be of more help atm