I finally got on meds

im so excited!! after years of telling my mom id be better off on meds, when she took me to the doctors for a check up i had a panic attack so they tested me for anxiety/depression and he prescribed me meds. i feel like i shouldn’t be so happy about it but i am


Hey if it helps then great!

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I hope they really do help you!


I’m so glad that you’re at a place where you’re comfortable I take five different psychiatric meds andgo for ETC I am at a point where I am better than I have been in such a long time I have a lot of really good people around me to.


That’s fantastic hopefully they are working for you 😊

I don’t think it is a bad thing to be hopeful that a treatment may help. Understand that it may take trying several different medications and combinations. But it is a start!! I wish you the best of luck.

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In my experience the meds help for a short time and dosage gets increased which helps for another short amount of time. I’ve been on several and haven’t found one that works a long time. I’m on trazadone and lamictal now but they only make me feel lethargic. Doc just says stay on them. Been on Lamictal and klonopin for years to treat anxiety and trazadone was added about a year and a half ago. I hope it works out for you. I do agree with the post that you may need to try different meds even a backer med that is to help with the main antidepressant med. Good luck and maybe this one will work for you into the long term.

if the medication helps you then great! i’m glad your mom let you take this huge step forward in improving your mental health. i recently started medication about a month ago after rejecting the idea for 4 months. i was so upset to start the medication and i was even more upset that the medication actually worked because that meant that everyone else was right. but hey no more panic attacks! a little anxiety symptoms here and there but nothing compared to what i was like before the medication. keep track of the side affects (IF you get any) and keep track on how the medication makes you feel. good luck take care <3

Congrats on the road to a new you I’ve been on mine for 3 years I don’t know how I would do without it take them as perscribed and take them the same time every day you can do this