How would I know

Hi Everyone,

please forgive my ignorance here, I just don’t know if I should let my doctor know, or just not worry about it.
I was using a screwdriver which required me to grip it and hold while turning it. I did this maybe 2 or 3 times, and that is when my hands began hurting, I removed the screwdriver from my hand, as I was not able to release it. The pain was a solid 9 if 10 is the worst.
Now, typing is a little challenge and operating a mouse is right there with it.

When my hands get cold, I am in a lot of pain, almost like getting your hand slammed in a car door.

Thank you for your insight



Randy, hi I am Angel.
If I were you I would contact my Dr and tell them what is happening an ask to be seen. The worst you could do and wait to see if you get better and instead your hand gets worse. Or you could tell the Dr’s office what is going on with your hand then ask what they feel you should do.
In the mean time ice it 10-20 off 30. Please let me know what you had decided to do an what they recommend.
Gentle hugs and God Bless


My advice is to let your Dr know what happenec.
If this is something that realy needs to be treated or it will get worse you don’t need to wait.
I can tell you a wide varity of things can cause this. Dehydration is the least cause of the gripping and not being able to let go. The others are much more scary.
The cold hands can be as simple as poor circulation, thyroid problems, or heart problems.
Your Dr will ask a lot of questions and run a few test. For your peace of mind and health let your Dr know.
Be well and gentle hugs to you.


Don’t know how old you are or what other issues you may have but if this came on suddenly I would see someone today. I know around here we have dozens of urgent care centers although you might be better if going to an ER or ED.

Yes Randy. Definitely tell your Doctor

I know this is a stupid question but I need to know the answer.
When using the “app” & you have a medication that you Only Take As Needed & you list it as needed … how do you list it.
It is not ‘Inactive’, nor does it have a specific time to take it.
I have Gout, along w many other medical diagnoses. My Gout is usually controlled by diet. I keep it on the ‘Active List’ for my doctor visits & in case I do need it.
Recently, I attended a conference with had meals included. I listed I can only consume spinach sparingly. Well, spinach (which I love, but causes my Gout) was presented twice every day. No alternative! It was the the main ingredient in the salad, the main vegetable, stuffed into fish, etc. By the end of the 2nd day I had to take Uloric, just so I could walk.
On my medication list, Uloric was listed but was dormant at the same time. After I clicked taking it each day during the episode, I am stuck with a Daily Banner asking when do I take this medication. It is listed:
1 tablet daily (during episode) as needed!
What do I do? I rewrite the response & it keeps repeating the request. IT IS NOT INACTIVE!
Please suggest a solution.

good morning! I read your post and I had that same problem at initial, but my doctor advised me to use this method… Put all meds taking inactive. If you find you don’t need to take that med that day, push skip. For each day you don’t use it. Then of course the days you find you do need it check the used box. The note box I tell why I felt I needed to take that med. Then when my doctor come for her visit, the app shows how many days you went without needing the med opposed to how many days you took the meds and why. Then you can come up with an alternative to the reason for taking that med. I dropped three of my pills this way, and my doctor subjected we use a Relief cream or Freeze or thi chi workouts since my pain was brought up by stress. Now I’m down to only 17 pills a day (😆). How this helps for you to… But talk it over with you doctor. Good health to you!

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I am 55

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I’ve been having problems with my right hand. I can not hold a pen to write. I have 3 little dogs I’m having a hard time with putting the leash on their collars. I can hold things with my hand. I’m right handed. Can I get my grip strength back. Im freaking out. I can’t tie my shoelaces.

Hello. Im the same way. I tell my doctor all the time.

Doctor definitely. My arthritis in my hand started out that way with the whole gripping thing. I just had surgery to remove a bone and some calcification after a long 2 year painful battle of trying to ignore it and get steroid injections, etc. finally the pain got the beat of me and now I’m recovering and in Occupational Therapy.

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I’m not sure who posted the problem with his/her hand. However I hope you have see a doctor. It sounds like possible nerve damage.

I don’t suffer the severe pain you described in my hands but my hands do lock up. I have a hard time doing a lot of things I use to do because of it. The hand will lock up but then the actual grip is gone. Soaking them in very warm epson salt water helps but Yes by all means tell your doctor. You may have damaged a nerve by gripping the screwdriver. There are so many nerves in the hands and they are easier damaged than we think. I once run a surface knife through my hand. Thankfully it didn’t cause nerve damage. I hope this finds you better and that you have spoken to your doctor.

Use a soft rubber ball or a hackysac to exercise your hand. You don’t have to squeeze it hard but you should do it often to get the best results. The hackysac is more not as hard to use to begin with and easy to carry with you. Once you have worked up to15 minutes with no problem move to a rehab ball just a bit stronger and do the same. Don’t push it by trying to use a stiffer or harder ball till your ready, that could actually cause it to get worse.

Thank you. I will try your method since the same problem is driving me crazy.