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Able to add Appointments, Blood tests, and infusion. Symptoms too


I think that is am awesome idea. Yes please.


I need a way to delete & add prescriptions. My dr. Is always changing meds on me. I have not been able to keep them up to date so I can print out a meds list.


I would like to be able to archive my older inputs in the trackers, say like from last December 31st back to when I started using this app, (about two to three years worth). And then remove from my phone so I can store it elsewhere. I don’t have any more room on my older phone. Is there any way of doing that now or would you have to create a new new way to do it?


Hello—I’m happy to share that the app does feature a Pain Tracker in the app.

Here’s how to use it on Android:

1- Tap Trackers (bottom right).
2- Scroll down through the list until you find “Pain”.
3- Tap “Add data” below to add info to the Tracker.

You can currently track pain on a sliding scale of 0-10, where 0 is often “no pain” and 10 being the “most pain” (but you can use the scale whichever way works best for you). :)

I’m here to help if you have any questions!

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Does this app have any section for death, grief or bereavement ? Or would that be under general care? Curious…


Hi @Sparrow, I wasn’t able to find a topic on grief or bereavement, but please feel free to start one if you’d like. Some suggested categories would be “Family & Relationships”, “Mental Health” or “General”.

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Does anyone do crafts to escape their pain and does it help. What other pain relief things do they do to relief migraines?


As a highly visual learner …, I support typing it out on a app much much easier