How to gain weight after treatment?

My name is Shannite Wilson, I was diagnosed with head and neck cancer August 2018, I had my last radiation treatment December 15, 2018. I have listed 80 lbs how do I gain it back while I have a feeding tube.

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My son (3 yrs old) had liver cancer last year. They had me give him pediasure to maintain and gain weight. Maybe you could try Ensure?


I’m so sorry to hear about your illness and am happy you are on the road to recovery. I too have had a feeding tube that would provide me with nutrition during the night when I slept. I worked closely with a nutritionist and luckily for me my mother helped and prepared my meals.

If you can find a nutritionist, I think that might help. My weight came back slowly and I got to eat a lot of food, good food and honestly as long as it wasn’t hospital food, it was all good food. Right??

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Hello Shannite, First of all I don’t have feeding tube, that has to be tuff, but
I was diagnosed with stge4 lung cancer
March of 2017, at time i was 81lbs, I find it very hard to put back on also, now weighing in at 96lbs only, but when feeling good i eat what ever i can with added boost also. I was told also to eat what ever i want & can, from eating fast foods to home cooked foods. Weight still goes up & down, i don’t think I’ll get back to my preweight of 120, which I try not to let bother me)just being& feeling healthy is the key.
I also found out they’ve got this typ of icecream that has 290 calories in it. Its from the Harmel company. The nutrishinest told me about it this hospital stay with phenomena & had me taste it. Comes in vanilla & chocolate & was pretty good. Mabye you can ask about this typ of desert, not a ice cream, melts slower & tasty as I’ve said. I pray some of this info may help you. Good Bless you. I hope you can get some weight on. 🙏🙏☺


Hi Citawilson good morning; i took photo of that extra 290 calorie type Ice cream i was talking about; called Magic Cup by Hormel,
Pray this may help a little in gaining weight.
Chocolate is the best, I think,yum.

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Sorry Nitawilson; hit C not N; my bad.
Typos terrible.

Hello, I’m sorry to hear about your illness and wish you a lot of strength to go through this difficult time. My father has Lung cancer and he is also struggling to gain weight. He doesn’t have a feeding tube, but protein drinks and powders help him to at least maintain his weight. Milkshakes were also very helpful try adding different kinds of nuts, ice cream, heavy cream and chocolate to your milkshake to make it rich in calories. But of course check with your doctor first if there’s anything you should stay away from in my father’s case his nutritionist told him to stay away from spices and to drink sparkling water it helps with the nausea. Hope you find this helpful.🙏🏻🙏🏻

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I’m sorry you’re going through this. I helped my husband gain his weight back after chemo. ( he lost 50 lbs). Contact your hospital nutritionist for your exact needs.

With my husband they told him how many calories he needed including how many grams of protein. They didn’t want him to have ‘too much’ protein because it can do the opposite of our goal (wt loss).

For extra calories the posts already here are great ideas. I also added hemp oil (any oil is fine) for extra calories. Boost has a 500 calorie drink in 8 oz. Ensure has a 350 cal drink with protein.

I tracked his weight, calories and protein in ‘’.

I hope this helps. Very best to you.

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i take ensure with morning meds and again at nite!! maintaining weight!!

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