How to delete or archive inactive medications

Please help so I don’t have to start over with another app–I want to continue with this one!

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  1. Go to Medications: the “capsule” icon at the bottom of the screen. That will take you to the Medication List.
  2. Scroll down to the medication you want to unlist.
  3. Tap the pencil icon at the upper right. Ignore the button that says REFILL MEDICATION.
  4. Scroll through the description of that med and uncheck the box that says “Active”.

Its description and history will stay in the app, which is useful for your medical history, but it will no longer show up as one that you are currently using, and you won’t get reminders for it.

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Thank you kindly for taking the time to help me! I actually found out how to right after I posted my question on the community an it was so easy to find out how to right after I posted but I couldn’t find out how no matter how many times I went through every possible way. My problem was that I was looking at the right places but not thoroughly enough to see the delete garbage can icon! Thanks so much again for your help and time.

I’m glad I could help. But deleting might not be the best way, because the information about that med might be useful down the line in figuring out why something happened, and whether it was related to that med.


Yep. What he said. 😄 😄 😄

So, best to uncheck the “Active” box for this purpose.

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If you opt to edit your medication, scroll to bottom of page and click delete.

Hi everyone! Here’s a link to instructions for both Android and iPhone/iPad devices (if anyone needs it):

If anyone has suggestions on how to make removing or archiving a medication easier, please feel free to share in our Suggestions and Ideas category below:

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I find my self all confused on medications. It would be a great use to have a list of medications that have been stopped and when.


Hi @docinot—I hope to help with any confusion!

You can mark any meds you are no longer taking as “inactive” in the app and view them in an organized list. You can also add a “Stop date” and additional notes in the med details field when editing the med info.

Just follow the instructions under "Mark a medication as “inactive” in the link below:

Once you mark meds as inactive, they will appear separately at the bottom of your med list under the “Inactive Medications” category. If your list is hidden, just tap “Show” to the right.

If you have additional questions or were looking for help with something else, just reply here!

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It would be great if you could archive medications. Sometimes the doctor takes you off a med and at a later date puts you back on it. If the medication was archived, it would save time filling in all the information again.

You can! Go to the list of meds, edit that one, and uncheck “Active?” Its description and all the rest of the information about it will stay in your records but won’t show up in the daily schedule until you check Active.
As has been said in another topic, after a few weeks the past records will not be accessible from the app, but you can still see them by logging into your account on a computer-- or maybe also on your smartphone or tablet. @Ivy, are those last two possible?

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Hi @krobbins1949! You can archive your medications in CareZone by following a few easy steps to mark the med as “Inactive”. This will save a record of your medication and adherence and give you the option to reactive the med in the future if needed. :)

Instructions do vary slightly depending on your device (Android, iOS, or web). Here’s a link to instructions for all devices:

Archived medications should always remain accessible in the app.

Thanks for helping @mamandel! Were you thinking of the following topic referring to the Journal module archiving past entires on Android?

Many thanks! —Ivy