How to change or delete a tracker entry?

Last week when I was entering my weight, I had a slip of the finger or the brain and logged it as kilograms instead of pounds. I reentered it, but I couldn’t find a way to modify or delete the bad one. Now look at what I’ve got (screenshot): Average weight for the week 164.47 pounds, though I’ve been just under 200 for months, and a range of 96.1-198.7! I need a way to fix the bad entry, or at least to delete it, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

PS: I started to enter this suggestion, then switched away to check the tracker entry and include the average in the screenshot. When I came back I couldn’t see any trace of my post, so I reentered it; but when I tried to post it I got the message “This title has already been used”. So I reworded the title and posted successfully. Please consider this PS as a bug report: If it had already been posted, why couldn’t I find it? And if it hadn’t, why the error message?

i cant wait for the android version.