How do you adjust community notification sounds in the app?

How do I shuff off the notifier chime for the chat room?

Hello! There is a way to adjust community notification sounds on newer Android devices (but not yet on iOS).

On Android, open your Settings app (outside of CareZone). Tap Apps > CareZone > Notifications. Then tap the toggle button to the right of Community to turn the sound off.

For additional help, reply here, send an Inbox message through the app, or email anytime.

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I get a sound every time someone posts to or likes my post. I don’t want that I can check myself. Thank you

Yeah seriously. I’m actually thinking about just uninstalling the app

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Hi @LibraDeb and @msspisak! I’ve moved your posts to this related topic here. Please scroll up for instructions on how to adjust your community notifications and sounds on both iOS and Android devices.

Feel free to reply to this topic or send us an Inbox message (through your app) if you have any questions!

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Thank you so much. Happy Thanksgiving

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You are most welcome @LibraDeb! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. :)