Hospital stay


I was hospitalised for kidney failuer and respetory problems.I shoule have died that day, but for some onknown reason i made a very quick recovery im still on therpy and getting much better.I thank god, and the staff at icu duke university for taking care of me and my lord for watcheing over me that dark day of my life. Amen


Yes God is the Great Physician. You were in His hands and He is not finished with you. There is something you are here to do.
I do not know that purpose. God will lead you and show you.
Praying you are well.


Thank you, Yes god works mysterious ways


If you don’t mind me asking what caused your kidney problem this is Kim 1843


Yay for you


May you continue to recover quickly an have a blessed life.


God bless you.


Dieabeties.high suger


Oh my. That is how diabeties works. I am trying so hard to avoid that.
I already have diabetic retinopathy. Do it scares me if my sugar is even a little high.


I thought so Steven this is Kim 10843 I have diabetes Class 2 got to keep it regulated or die tough decision but you got to do what you got to do keep in touch


Praying for you dear brother!