My blood sugar is very unstable. I watch the carbohydrate and sugar intake. I take my medication religiously. And still my blood sugar is all over the place. I walk at least two miles a day or more.


I thinking about an insulin pump


Sounds like you suffering what the call brittle diabetes, a pump is probably a good idea.


Are you stressed out? Anxious? That can release cortisol into your system…try calming down if you are…that will help…


I think I might bw under some stress. I have not found way to control it . I know that stress and illnesses will cause unstable blood sugars. I am try to walk when I can to reduce the stress. Walking is becoming difficult due diabetic neuropathy on my legs , hands and arms. I am in constant pain. I try to read everything on diabetes that I can.


Non diabetic does not know how it feels and gives some wrong advice about the diabetes.


What meds, what dosage, what intervals are you taking?



Here is some good infos on diabetes if you have already this site

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Maybe an insulin pump would help. It sounds like you have brittle diabetes. If yhat is the case the pump would help keep tour sugar levels even all the time with only small adjustments.
That would be better for your health all the way around.


Have you talked to a endocrinologist, I don’t know what to say about this one,I hope it gets better though Mitch

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I have talked to the endocrinologist about this shs stated givs time and continue with medicationa and watch your carbohydrate intake I am now uae a food diary. I getting very discouraged

Hello be careful with that stress. it makes all kind of things happened to your body. I was forgetting a lot and my doctor said it was because I was stressed. find yourself something to do like crocheting. painting or even one of those adult coloring books they even sell them at the dollar store and Dollar General Dollar Tree


Thanks for the advise

When you have diabetes, nearly everything affects your blood sugar! Stress, sickness, sleep, temperature, and even some medications can cause your blood sugars to go out of control. My husband is T1, and his blood sugars are much better maintained when he’s sleeping right, under less stress, and isn’t getting too hot. For whatever reason, excessive heat can cause his blood sugars to skyrocket or bottom out, and there’s really no predicting which. Make sure you’re exercising indoors when it’s very hot outside. You want to break a sweat, but you don’t want to cause yourself to go into heat exhaustion or get a sunburn. If you are out in the heat for long periods of time, hydrate hydrate hydrate!!! Dehydration will cause your blood sugar to stay high because you’re not getting enough fluids to flush the excess carbs out of your system, and those little suckers can be sticky! Try to lower your stress levels of course, and maintain your diet and exercise regimen. Also, speak to your endocrinologist about any non diabetic medications youre taking. Some medications are actually made with a certain percentage of sugar, and you could be taking in more carbs than you’re counting! Look up the ingredients of your medications and if they have sugar in them in any form (lactose, glucose, anything that ends in -ose, etc), talk to your doctor about possible alternatives or further management. Steroids can cause high blood sugars I know, but there are also many other medications to watch out for too. I hope this is helpful!!


It is Great I have one for 3 years

I can help you

The key is you eating to much Carbs?

Hopefully my routine can help you. In the morning I have two eggs anyway you like with any meat you like 😉 the only carb are 6 unsalted crackers. My lunch is half a sandwich drink water. Dinner any kind of meat,fish, turkey ECT with any kind of veggies eat early no later than 6pm. My sugar in the morning are from 50 to 100 if they are higher is because I chitter. I walk, waitlift . Good luck cut those carbs sugar will go down

I am the same. My Endo says I am not journaling all my food, basically saying I am a liar. What do you do? I am so frustrated.

Hi Mitch, what type of medication are you on? How often and when do you check your blood sugar? How much carbohydrates and sugar do you consumed in a week?