Homeless and can't seem to get any help

I have been homeless for over 2 years going from county to county begging for help my mental illness and ptsd makes it hard to stay in shelters I became homeless because I would not put my 15 year old grandson out in the streets I had an apartment at Dunkirk Apts but was thrown out
It’s a long story how it all came about but I disabled and only make a lil over 850.00 a month they have cut my food assistance to 16.00 because I’m homeless how crazy is that? With all my medical and mental state I just want to throw in the towel. I feel so alone like I’m out on a limb but nothing or no one to grab


Where do you live

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Where have u been staying during the rain & cold temps? Ur nt completely alone. I don’t know about ur religious beliefs, but God & Jesus r with u every step u take.

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I’ll b praying for u!

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Where do you live? Not all states are like that.

You are not alone!! God is always with you. We are here for you.


I feel like I’m in the same boat I have for girls and I feel like they don’t really care I feel for you and I hope where to find somewhere to go because I have until the 1st of April to find me a place to go and I only 785 a month from SSI

The Woodlands & Conroe have LOTS OF H U D Apartments . I’m in one now but just received a letter for a complex near here that’s much nice & the only complex that has a pool, I’m in a wheelchair so great for p/t

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On here someone went adult protective services got help check that way churches too where u at

Please try Adult Protective Services in the community where you are. You are in my prayers. You deserve to be treated like a human being.