Holidays are over how are you doing?


Me : I just want to sleep all the time trying to get myself motivated. Man, this is hard but I’m not giving up - just gotta battle myself to make it through

How are you doing?


Yep this is were I am and im exhausted from pretending to be something I’m not which was happy however I made and now Im back to the normal for me.


This might sound out of the ordinary but I love the holidays. Have to admit it was the first time it didn’t feel like it though.

I skipped out on reuniting with my Mom’s side of the family. I also wasn’t able to go to my Dad’s sister’s house.

I’m making sure I, at least, go to my Mom’s side of the family next year. I always have sooo much fun.


I’m okay, thanks!


I too am glad the holidays are over. Very depressed this season. I’m actually starting to get up n out of bed. Getting dressed n cooking meals, cleaning the house!!


Yes! I have not wanted to get out of bed for a week. I am just not motivated to do anything. I Really don’t understand what my problem is, just that I have been feeling blah and I can’t seem to get moving.


Great how are you


Coming up on Pesach/Passover. Doing Ok bact to having a psychiatrist in a few weeks.


Exhausted and I can’t seem to make it myself want to go out to get an appointment with my doctor and therapist. I don’t even know when I saw them last, and it’s not because I don’t like them. I just can’t seem to make myself leave the house. Now that I am moving to another county, I’ll have to start over again, but I don’t have any motivation at all.


Now that we have another holiday upon us, Easter, I am dreading this weekend. I hate having to feel like I have to be "on my best behavior"to hang around with my kids and grandkids, and my best friends. Why bother if I can’t just be myself? FML


Yes I can understand this is how I feel it is overwhelming however we made it through I pray all is well with you.