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Ok so my 20 yr old son has HIV and he bit me on the arm and he didnt break the skin just bruised me. A friend of m im ne is freaking out. Do I need to go get checked?

Yes for your own serenity but in all he’d have to break skin and have a barrel of saliva. Unless he’s bleeding you really are not at risk

Not to worry, if it did break the skin and no blood was exchanged you are safe. I have been HIV SINCE 1991. Good doctor and taking meds regularly ,he can have a long and healthy life.

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If his blood didn’t get in contact with yours you are fine. If he’s undetectable than he’s untransmittable. You can’t contract through saliva. There’s not enough blood to carry the virus.

While on the subject… Are you healthy at the time of the bite? Your germs are more dangerous to him than his is to you. If you say had the flu and he bit you taking in some of the flu virus, he could get very sick. Especially if his CD4 count is low. The important thing to remember is that a person with HIV is more susceptible to bacterial and viral infection. Some people can get over a cold easily, but a lot of HIV+ people that cold can turn deadly. He should avoid this kind of contact for his own health.

This is somewhat off the topic. I do not have HIV and hope I never get it. I am 46. Now I do feel sorry for the people who have HIV. Everyone should get checked every year because sometimes it can take up to years for someone to find out they have it. Then you have other people know they have HIV will still have sex with others who do not have it. A stop needs to be put to this. People have to be careful on who they sleep with because you never know.