Hip replacement: What's your experience?


I have had both hips replaced , it was nothing. But I am a person who pushes to get back in the grandma game, enjoying my soon to be 14 yr and 11 year old grandchildren


Thank you so much for your advice. I am confident that I will be okay and I appreciate all of your advice. Just as you said, I realize there will be pain; but I have pain now and I know that the other pain will be different and I know it will get better each day…at least I hope that’s how it works. God is my friend and He has never failed me. (smile)


I have the same incentive that you do…got to stay active to keep up with my grands…That is important to me. (smile) Will be “pushing” just like you did.


Good luck on surgery. Keep me or us all informed on how it is going. Stay strong. Remember slow and easy wins this race. Push but not to hard, your body will let you know when to push yourself and when it needs to just rest. The catch is to know the difference. Always in prayers.


When I had my right hip replacement in Aug. of 2006 I had no pain following surgery. My one problem was learning to walk properly and using correct foot when going up or down steps.


Thank you so much. This is what I like to hear. My date is fast approaching…Monday, March 25th!!!


My son-in-law had hip replacement and he is happy as he can be. Says he is finally pain free.


I had hip replacement about 7 years ago. At first it was good an the pain was forgotten. 6 years ago, my pain started in again, not as bad as berore surgery but a little different. I do not honestly if I woiuld have it done again. Woulf have ti think veryvhardcto do itvall over again and have the same thing happen!


Hello, my name is Geri. I have had my left total hip replaced. After the surgery, I felt about 20 years younger. I have had a right total knee replaced too. I am 56 yr old and I feel like a 40 yr old. I can walk now with minimal problems.


Hi there, Gammy and everyone else who responded to me. Had the surgery done March 25th…what an experience. The entire medical staff was so very helpful; that I felt like I was their only patient. I am doing very well. Not having any pain at all when laying down and sitting. My pain level is about a 3 when moving around. I am adamant about doing my exercises. My Occupational Therapist discharged me today, and my physical therapist says I’m almost done. I am going up and down the steps with my cane. I can get out of the bed along, but it take me longer to get in if I don’t have assistance; but I don’t care. I am trying to walk as much as possible in my house; using my walker of course. I can take the pain meds three times a day, but I find I only need them in the morning, ice in the afternoon, and then medication when i go to bed. No trouble sleeping at all; It’s just a pain when I have to go to the bathroom and it takes me forever. Can you say “depends.” Anyway, I feel that I’m on my way and I am so grateful for you all that encouraged me through this. When I got ready to go to the hospital that morning, that’s when the anxiety jumped in. Once I got the IV; I realized that “this is real.” I had a spinal along with anesthesia and it worked out well. Again, thank you all of your encouragement. I think I’m gonna make it. (smile)


I am so very happy for you! Sounds like you are breezing right through your recovery! That is excellent news. You must have had a very good surgeon, and great hospital staff to feel this good so soon. My first surgery was much more difficult, but I didn’t want to frighten you. My second surgery was much easier. I recently spoke to a rheumatologist who says its possible the reason why I am still having problems with the first one is because he installed the wrong size appliance the first time, and just didn’t admit it when I complained.

Anyway, I am really very happy things have turned out so well for you. In the meantime, I had almost emergency surgery done on my neck. Turns out I had two vertebrae pressing into my spinal cord and pinching it off by 50%, so they had to be removed to avoid paralysis. I did well and am healing great. It happened so quickly, I barely had enough time to get nervous about it. The surgery was March 4th, I got out of the hospital on the 7th, and stayed in rehab until the 27th, and am at my daughter’s now. I am going back home on Sunday, which will be great, because I really miss my dog, lol!


Hey there…just a little update. Really doing well. Have graduated from my walker to a cane; so I’m super excited about that…Got discharged from the physical therapist coming to my house last week, so I start outpatient pt tomorrow. Anxious to see how that is. I have been doing my exercises faithfully.
So…did you get to go home last week? I know you were anxious. How are you feeling today.
Thanks again for your encouragement…you helped to ease my anxiety, and I appreciate it.


I’m glad to have helped! Yes, I am home. Home health is coming here now, and its going well. I am getting a bit tired or wearing this neck brace at times. I am not allowed to take it iff, not even for shower or sleep. But I am also afraid to take it off as well, so it is either choking me or my security blanket, lol. I am so happy to hear you are doing so well so soon! Is your incision in the front or on the side? I have heard people with incisions on the front do better quicker, and I’m just curious. Anyway, thanks for the update, and Congratulations on seeing the success on your hard work so soon!


I had my right hip replaced in 09. It was easy. I had fallen and smashed my hop. I had no choice but to do surgery. I was up the next morning walking with a walker and home at the 5th day. I occasionally have pain but its not bad. U got this youll be glad to have done it.


I have had bilateral hip replacements and it was the best thing I have done, my recovery time was approximately 5 weeks. It is better than having the pain


Thanks, Joyce for your reply. the day you replied was the day I had my surgery. Tomorrow will be four weeks post surgery and I am so grateful. I have no pain when sitting or lying down. It’s only when I put pressure on my hip that I feel slight discomfort…not really pain. I have no regrets…just want to be able to walk cane free. How long does that take? When did your son in law have his surgery? Thanks so much for responding and sorry I am just getting back to you. Been doing these “darn” exercises. (smile)


I had a left total hip replacement in 2014. I have had great results.


I am also having pain a number of years after the surgery. I think that even though they surely get rid of the arthritis in the area it gradually comes back, and with it the pain.


Omg…they have been a nightmare in my life since I was 33 yrs old and now I am 55 but some people have no trouble. When I was 33 I broke my femur and hip on the left side so they did the first replacement and also had to put some titanium rods in my leg and how happened nobody knows I didnt fall ir get in any accidents and I was young ,healthy anyways after the first one it broke again and again total of 8 replacements on the left side the last 2 in 2015 there has never been a explanation of why they were not holding and in between the 8 hip replacements I had many dislocations and infection so after the last 2 my left hip is doing ok but last year I started gettibg oain on my right hip but never thought about them having to replace it so after a year and many ER drs I got lucky and had gotten one that actually ran test they found out that from carrying my weight on my right side that my hip joint wad totally gone I had arthritis so bad it consumed a lot of my hip and this last surgery in March 2019 on my right side has been painful to a point of me giving up and now the right one has something wrong with it It isn’t healing right and can’t put no weight on it so now i wait until they figure this one out But it is a consolation the first 6- 7 were real easy to bounce back from Good Luck


Well, this will probably be my last “hip replacement” message. I am almost seven weeks post surgery and doing well. Last week was my last outpatient physical therapy. Now I am doing the exercises at home. I am adamant about doing them because I want to be cane free as soon as possible. However, I am at the point; where I get up from the chair and start walking and sometimes don’t realize that I don’t have the cane until I’m in another room. I think this is a good thing…So, at this point; no medication and just a bit of pressure (on my left side) when I am walking. I am using my cane all the time when I’m outside and most of the time when I am in the house. I don’t know how long it will be before I am cane free; but I’m doing okay. Thanks for all of your support…it really helped me during this stressful time. I guess I’m about 90% “there.”