High Cholesterol Meds

When is the best time of day to take meds for High Cholesterol? I currently take Crestor.


According to my nurse best to take it at before bed time because the enzyme work better at night


That’s what I’ve been doing. I was taking Lipitor before but recently got changed to Crestor. Thanks for the input.


Yes at bedtime


Yes there are several meds best to take at bedtime. Cholesterol is on the list. If you are unsure your pharmacist can tell you.
Stay well and gentel hugs to you.

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This is wat I’ve been told as well by my docs to take @ night jus b4 bed.

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Everybody that has answered me has said to take it before bed. How come whenever I’m in the hospital the nurses there insist I take it in the morning? I’d like to hear from some nurses as well on this subject.

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Discuss with your Pharmacist

I take Atorvastatin for Cholesterol and I take it T 4pm with my dinner.

I don’t take at bedtime because it makes my legs hurt to much and I don’t sleep well.

Cholesterol meds make your legs hurt? I was wondering about that. I thought that was what doc told me but i chaulked it off. Thanks

My doctor has it at bedtime. The cholesterol med. Atrovastin.