High blood pressure 1958

Hello everyone, I’m 61 and have been through the annual mill these past few months. My medical showed I was over weight, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. So I have decided to do something about it. I work in a warehouse and walk between 5-7 miles a miles a day with physical exertion. Breakfast usually consists of a small bowl of Raisin Bran with blueberries and strawberries added and 1 mug of black coffee. Lunch is usually a sub or fast food and dinner in the evening. Then feet up, tv then bed between 9 - 10pm. So I’m open to suggestion. Can any of you help to get me on the right track because I hate taking meds.


Continue walking, watch your sodium intake,less carbs, and fewer calories and plenty of water.An after you eat take a 10- 20 minute walk.

Thank you Henry

Whole Foods Plant Based Diet. My A1C down to 7.3 from 11, cholesterol from 203 to 162, no from average 172/88 to 110/68. I was skeptical but here’s the proof and only been doing it 2 months! Oh, weight is coming off too and I feel better than I have in years. I have two bone on bone knees and I would say my pain is half what it was.

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Sounds like a great plan, did you go vegan or are you still eating fish and meat?

Vegan. Was vegetarian for decades but going Whole Foods vegan made all the difference

My problem is I love my meat, I have cut out regular bread and have wraps instead thus reducing the carbs, I eat more salad now and tuna. Beer is weekends only and then a limit of a 6 pack.

I love meat too but I love me more! And, I can’t abide how meat comes to the plate! I’m healthier that I was when I first gave it up and now, after giving up vegan junk food, I’m healthier than I’ve been in years. There is nothing I could have eaten that would taste better than how I feel now. It takes time to make such a switch and I slipped every now and then. I’m human like everyone else, but, it gets easier and the better you feel and the better your numbers are, the easier it gets. Any change that gives such profound results is worth the work and adjustment, at least it is for me. 😊. Enjoy your day!

I added Vitamin B Complex to my regimen and it helps lower my B/P. I feel better. 😊

Are you measuring regularly? A good home BP monitor and a diary of health, food, exercise, stress, may give you insight into things that affect your numbers. I measure twice daily — first and last thing. Should probably do midday too. Also reducing/eliminating caffeine may help.
Blood pressure is complicated. It’s mixture of genetic, environmental and behavioral issues. You’re stuck with your genes, you may be able to influence environmental issues (cold, altitude, loud noise, air pollution) and you can manage your behavior.
You may still need medication, and working with your medical team to get the right amount of the best option for you is really important!