Hi I’m new here and

I’m also new to the fibromyalgia diagnosis. However, I am pretty sure I’ve had it for several years. I’ve been diagnosed for about 2 years. I’m 27, but I noticed I was suffering some of the same stuff my mom was (she has fibromyalgia also).


Have faith in God and Jesus Christ you won’t be able except them without your whole heart and soul and mind and spirit.
They give you strength and courage and success to God, because without them you can’t do anything at all. You have the strength to overcome this challenge to sucide if you put your faith in God. Amen 🙏

I would hope that you get more educated responses on here as time goes by. I apologize for not knowing more, but I think you should consult your physician about certain medications that may change your life and alleviate some of your suffering. I’ve heard Lyrica(pregabalin) can help greatly. I take gabapentin myself and find it does help with pain.

I do take gabapentin when needed. Thank you.

Does it help with your fibromyalgia?

My fiance says you can contact her and she will help you with lots of information. Her email is jsgregg72@gmail.com or Jennifer Gregg on Facebook. She has a picture of us as her profile picture. She has been diagnosed 20 years ago but has actually had it since she was 5. I myself have had it for many years. Ur going to have some very good days and some very bad days that you can’t get out of bed.

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It does. Right now I tolerate mine pretty well, mainly because I’ve watched my mama do it so well for years, but when it does hinder me from going to sleep the gabapentin does help.

My doctor told me the best cure is to keep moving…So I started out doing 1/2 of a small block. Then aI got a small leg cycle so I could sit on my couch. And if u clean ur home i.e. vacuum, mop etc. That’s more than enough. take it slow vacuum 1 day, stop the next day do 1 thing etc…Then eventually work up to the 2 day challenge.
But do it at your pace. Try to be up to two a day the next month. Be competitive and set this simple goal. Simple and keep believing in ur goal. Know, u can do this. I’m sure u can. Take back charge of ur life.

There are some good and bad things everywhere when it comes time dealing with fibro. I’ve had it for over 20yrs. The Lyrica didn’t work for me. Not everything works for everybody.I also took Gabapintion for a while. For several yrs I took methadone, that’s the medicine they give to people to help them get of cocaine or strong drugs. It worked well but the side effects weren’t worth it. They say keep moving, but what they don’t tell you is after you move you may be down for several days… The things I have learned is just to pace myself. I found that on my good days I was trying to make up for the days I was in bed all day. That’s not a good idea!!! Priorities, that’s the main thing. Example do Laundry today and leave everything else alone. Clean one day and if you’re OK the next run errands . But ALWAYS listen to your body. If you can’t move DON’T!! I raised 3kids with this crazy illness all 2yrs apart. They are all adults now, my youngest(24) is married. They aren’t the typical millennials. They are very self-sufficient, hard workers with great careers. So this talk can be done, while raising kids and being married if you explain to everyone how you are feeling. Its not a bad thing to ask for help!!!

I’ve had this since my back surgery in 2004. I discovered magnesium seems to tone down my leg pain a lot. I take 1 pill 250mg in the morning and 2 before bed. When I took 2 in the morning, I got diarrhea, so be careful. I also noticed a reduction in pain when I walk. Hope this helps