Hep B Vaccine Side Effect

I got a Hep B Vaccine and my flu shot Thursday morning. Thursday night I started running high fever. Friday I woke up with a fever blister and nauseous. By lunch my voice was catching. All weekend my side effects of the Hep B Vaccine has gotten worse. I have no voice at all today. I have been taking DayQuil/NyQuil and cough meds. My throat is so swollen it’s hard to drink or eat anything. I have been gargling salt water and drinking hot tea with lemon and honey and adding touch of Whiskey at night. I live in NY and it dropped down to -5 where I live Friday night. I have to keep my Thermostat at 55 since I live upstairs and the people downstairs always have heat high. I sleep with 2 fans trying to stay comfortable when not sick. Today the temp was around 45 so I lowered a window. I live by myself and don’t have any money to get anything else to help me. I might be able to get my ex to help though. Any other suggestions?

Probably you may just have to ride it through. Have u called ur gp? Most likely everything will simmer down (I hope) if theirs anything I can do on my end… I HERE

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I called early this morning and even sent a message on the Bassett Medical website 2 more times.

My ex is supposed to come bring me some more cough drops and some vapor rub in the morning.

Do u have a humidifier

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Not here it’s still at his house he supposed to bring it to me tomorrow but we will see

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Feel better my friend

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Try garlic and oranges juice and this should work.

Eat one clove in the morning and one at night and oj twice a day. It takes a day or two to start working.

I do this from September though December and I have not had even a cold since I was 18 years old.😀

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I have to be extra careful with the OJ because I am Diabetic. I have lived in NY for 3 years now This is the 1st major problem I have had. This was my 3rd and last round of the Hep B Vaccine thank goodness. The 1st too I had a slight fever, nauseous and not hungry the next day. Nothing like this. Oh and I have had a Flu shot every year for 6 yrs and no trouble

Update I went back to the Dr yesterday and my PCP was out of the office and so I saw her college and was told that it was a sinus infection and that there was no such thing as side effects of the Hep B Vaccine. I wanted to tell at her because this was my 3rd and final booster and I had mild side effects both times before and if there was no side effects why did my PCP give me a sheet of paper with them listed? But since I still don’t have much of a voice I couldn’t. I know what a sinus infection is BTW and I don’t have any pressure behind my nose or eyes.

I went back to the Dr on Wednesday because I was feeling worse. I had to see a different Dr because my PCP was off. This Dr said that there was no such thing as side effects of the Hep B Vaccine. This was the 3rd time I have had it and had mild side effects b4. Plus they gave me a piece of paper that listed possible side effects. The Dr I saw said that it was a sinus infection and called in a Antibiotic. The pharmacy has been out of the antibiotic so I wasn’t able to pick up yet. I ended up having to go to the ER last night because I was coughing so hard got light headed and fell. The ER Dr told me that they have had seen serval people who was told one thing by the Dr I saw and it was something else. They did say that my tonsils were swollen and gave me a antibiotic while there.

I have learned the hard way do not get multiple vaccines at once. Got sick every time

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I ended up going to see the main Dr at the clinic a week later and he said I had pneumonia and I told him about the one I saw the week before and he was really upset over what she said. He said I was lucky he caught the pneumonia when he did otherwise I would have been admitted to the hospital

Glad you caught it. Does your primary care doctor have other doctors in the office that can see you when he is not available

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My PCP is a NP , there is the other NP I saw that said there was no side effects and the main MD. I live in a small village.