Help scanning medication bottles

I just installed this app after have Bypass surgery to keep track of all the medications.
When I try to scan on my samsung note 10 I don’t see anything on the screen just black there is plenty of light?
It keeps say not enough light but I know there is I have a flash light shining on the bottle?


Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the app? I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 and I had to do that to get the bottles to scan.

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I have that problem to, so I just put the info in manually.


I had no problem at all.

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Send a message to the administrator. They respond quickly and can help you get the app working right.

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Where do I do that ?

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I had problem, too. I aimed the flashlight from behind me forward, that worked for me! Hope it helps you, too. Keep a smile in your ❤️ , & smile on your face

No problems here
Did take three four times

Hi @Jafwiz—Apologies for not seeing your question here earlier!

If you are having issues scanning your medications in, please try the steps in the article below:

If you still need help, send our support team an Inbox message through your CareZone app (just tap “Home” at the bottom left and the “Inbox” tab at the top center). You can also email us at

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