Help Migraines

I have a question! What can you do or take to ease a migraine off? I have tried several over counter stuff for no help. Only thing that seems to help is the shot you get when going to the ER. Is there anything like that out there for you to get. Other than ER

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There are three new this year Rx injections just for migraines. Previously the Rx meds used for migraines were actually originally for other diagnoses - the medical field just found that they worked on migraines also.

I have had an intractable migraine for two and a half years with nothing working. My Neurologists felt it was a rebound headache from using too much over the counter pain relievers (especially Excedrine Migraine). The latest Neurologist just put me on one of the new injections - Emgality. I have heard good things about this one. I took my loading dose yesterday. This morning (after having my sleep cpap head gear on all night), I still had a pretty sharp migraine, but mid day I felt a little better. Now that I just got a shower, the full migraine is there. The documentation states that if have more than 15 days a month with a migraine, the injection will decrease the number of days by 50%. If have less than 14 days a month with a migraine, it will decrease the number of days by 75%. I was in the first group so I am not expecting the migraine to just go away permanently, but any decrease will be good. My next injection will be in 28 days.

There is also injections: Aimovig (I have heard good things on this one as well) and Ajovy (I don’tknow anything about this one).


Thank you. I will speak to the doctor about them

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You provable got a shot of dilaudid. You could ask your doctor for a Rx for the oral form. It doesn’t work quite the same, but it might save you a trip to the ER.

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Thank you. I’m definitely need something. These overcounter meds not much help at all.

Try Botox for your headaches. You will need a referal from your doctor. My medicaid and medicare excellous pays mine

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You may also have gotten a “migraine cocktail” shot with Toradol, Phenergan, and Benadryl. Toradol is a major anti-inflammatory, Phenergan relieves nausea, and Benadryl is for allergies.

My doctor prescribed oral Toradol and Phenergan, I can’t take the Benadryl due to some scary side effects. For me, it helps stop the migraine before it gets worse. I take them right as I feel the migraine coming on and it stops me from getting the migraine at all or makes the pain stay at the current level for the duration of the migraine instead of steadily increasing.