Help me pls😟

I do these robaxin infusion every four months.Maybe you can talk to your rheumatologist if you have one. Hope this helps also hope you find relief.

1st), I would ALLOW my self to cry, its healing, healthy ,& if you did not cry you wouldn’t.
2nd) , all to tell yourself this is temporary ( even if you know in your heart I may not be) the mind can play BOTH NEGATIVE &,POSITIVE tricks on you…
SOOO, PLEASE THINK POSITIVE, your inner being will thank you
3) Rest also is healing, ALLOW yourself to rest or EVEN.sleep, chronic pain takes a lot outa the body
These are just a few that have helped me

Those that say you “look fine” has never really able to relate to constant pain, how it wears you both physically & mentally. They are ignorant, they need to be educated or removed from your life, ( easier said than done, I know) but they seem to have no empathy to your chronic pain & how exhausting it truly is. You are brave & strong. It’s hard to go it alone, I know bcs i have no family here. Just remember you are a SURVIVOR!!!

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? Dont quite understand

Outa all the pain med I’m on, a few puffs of marijuana helps more than anything, unfortunately its illegal in Texas

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Where do you find this? I’m in Texas

Pray you find a Dr who is willing to help you

I’ve been on the same 4 my RA, unfortunately multiple infections stop all RA treatments, including infusions, 😢

There a Process to help you with your disease, please call Me (831)262-7524.

Without my pain meds I might as well be in a box, WITH THEM I’m fairly active, able to do many things with limitations, cooking, gardening & something as simple as living on my own. I thank the good lord every day for my pain management Doctor. He indeed is a true mitzvah

MareBear, as a child of God, noone deserves the pain of ALL the arthritis you, myself & 1000’s others suffer. I have all you mentioned , osteopenia as well. Walk lightly or your bones break in your feet

You are very lucky to have pain meds I hurt so bad all the time but thankfully I still have my gabepenton I would be unable to get out of bed.
I have started experimenting with cbd gummies and capsules to try to get the right combination that helps.
God Bless us all

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Where can you get hemp syrup, I am interested

I’m so sorry…I feel your pain I myself take a blanket put it into dryer let it get good and warm then cover up and I pray…

Please tell me more about HEMP OIL

Angel, God is with you & so am I, all my blessings for you

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Stop taking the pain pills! They are no good! I use Kratom for pain

They do a colonoscopy. A camera up into colon and up to where the large and small intestine meet. This is where crohn’s can settle. My son has crohn’s and that is how they Verified that it was crohn’s (biopsy of area that is inflamed). The worst part of the exam is the day before prep. Spend most of day in and out of bathroom.


My Dr. wrote me a script for adderall like medication called dextroamphetamine. It counteracts the tiredness that comes with pain meds. May wind up losing some weight with it too. I lost 25 lbs over first few months, then stabilized .