Hello there everyone. I'm martell, person with disabilities

Hello there everyone who’s reading this as of today. I’m Martell (I am not allowed to use my real name as due to security reasons) I’m a person with disabilities starting with: chronic anxiety disorder, depression, type 2 diabetes, asthma,
Colitis, IBS and I admit I’m nervous about this cornavirus outbreak happening right now and I live alone with these health concerns and hope we can talk and become friends of encouragement in this difficult times 🙏😇 thank you!


I am Angel, welcome. I feel I can speak for the group when I say that everyone who have joined these groups are here for the support of others and to help support others as well as make new friends who are dealing with the same or even different issues and ailments. We are all here to talk to and thru our difficult times when we need others to talk with about what we are going through in hopes we are not getting the support we need at home or from others we know who don’t understand or even just to list because no one else we know will.
So let me be the first of many new friends you make here and I am here if you ever need a shoulder or ear or advice. (we here can and will be here if and when you need) You are not alone.


Thank you very much for reaching out to me, Mrs. Angel. I admit I’m taking my anxiety medication to hopefully calm me down of these tragic events happening right now 😢😭

I can’t lie to you, I’m scared


You sound like you need someone to talk to now. I am here anytime.
Where do you live?


I live in Ohio, ma’am


I am in Indiana and I have friends from school in Ohio


I got done praying forgiveness and now reading your message. That’s very awesome you’re from Indiana and you’ve got friends in Ohio

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We lived in when I was in 4th to 9th grade was back in Indiana in time to take drivers Ed the summer before 10th so I have very good friends in Ohio.

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I appreciate your time and consideration to talk to me, Mrs. Angel. You’re an one true Lady. I’m just here in forced isolation and avoid going outside all together

Hello angel? How are you feeling today?

In the mitz of a fibromyalgia flare.

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A flare up? 😥☹️ Hope you feel better, my lady friend Angel. I’ve been coughing off and on and checking my temperature levels

Hi Martel Just feel safe in your own home I have many of the same problems you have sept I have a good caregiver and a good wife to take care of me if you need to talk text me anytime I’m worried about this damn flu I’m 78 years old with all my problems but I do feel safe in my houseI’ll pray for you stay safe

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Thank you, Mr. Ernie. I am having a hard time to feel safe dealing with social anxiety and now doing social distancing living alone without no support or anybody. My email address is mpking568@gmail.com