Hello I’m new here

Hi all! I’m newly diagnosed type 2. My a1c was a 7.5 which apparently is not good. Any tips?

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Exercise, exercise, exercise…walk at least 1/2hour-the longer the better…watch sugar in processed foods…lower fat intake…if you don’t read labels, start.
Classify your carbs and lower intake of potatoes, rice and bread. Strawberries, blackberries and raspberries are good meal followers (deserts)


I use an app called “MyFitnessPal”


I have diabetes type 2.
I don’t eat breakfast or lunch which I could.
I’m just not that hungry.
But I can’t tell you what to eat.take care and hope you find the answer.

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Try to cut down your carb intake from your meals. Cut down on processed foods. Exercise has much as you can. Carb workout would good like walking or cycling. Maybe talk with a dietitian on how many carbs, fats that you should have. Like for me at breakfast I am limit to 3 full carbs (that’s about 45g of carbs). Learn how to read the nutritional information on food or drinks you buy.

YOU CANNOT SKIP A MEAL. Eat an egg or piece of low carb bread, but eat. Have a protein share or bar (with low sugar). The worst thing for any diabetic is to skip a meal.
Your body starts creating fat and sugar if you skip meals.


Nobody tells me what to eat. I’ve been to three dietician/nutritionist and left within 10 minutes because I’ve learned how to eat. Hold habits have to go.


That’s great!!

Watch your carb intake, I keep mine below 80 grams per day…ADA says 150…For me that was too much in one day,so I lowered it. Eat small meals and snacks…Cut OUT THE WHITE SUGAR COMPLETELY! It’s a Killer anyway…Hard to get used to alternatives, but there are some good ones to choose from. Try to stay as active as you can. Ask your Dr.about Dawn Phenomenon…the liver dumps extra glucose during the night to prepare for daily energy, it will cause HIGH numbers in the morning…I take Basaglar 30 units at night, and my numbers are perfect in the morning! Your Dr will adjust your meds accordingly. Keep track of your numbers right now a lot…once you are controlled, you won’t have to so often. There are excellent Diabetic Groups on Facebook, Ran by diabetic nurses who will offer great advice. When I was diagnosed, I was stubborn and refused to eat properly! In JUST ONE YEAR I developed early kidney disease, and neuropathy!!! Please try to heed the warnings, it takes very little time to cause damage ROM not complying to your best!! You CAN DO this!! It’s a pain at first, but you will find your rhythm, and become more able to stay controlled!!! Please ask me anything!!! God Bless You…Xo


My,blood sugars are 98 at,night and usually 120 in the morning. No injections

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Ok ill try

Exercise and don’t eat sugar. Be careful of sugar substitutes. Read labels and monitor your carb intake. Don’t drink a lot of diet soda and stay hydrated.

Good!!! That’s great, I had a problem with that!!! I am well controlled now…so any advice you need!!!

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I’m also type 2 insulin dependent, lots of water. Your A1C Should be at 6. That should be your goal. Remember CARBS turn into sugar, so cut out high carb foods this includes fruit which is high in Carbohydrates, if you dont know how to read labels it would behoove you to learn, self learn or better yet get help from a professional nutritionist

I’ve got to disagree, the fruit you stated are high carb foods

Just watch ur diet. No ok unless sugar drops super low and stay away from pasta and bread. It turns into sugar.

Thank you all so much for your advice, while talking to my doctor I will also keep all of this mind ❤️

What do eat everyday I definitely need help I have bad eating habits I need help pls. What is your normal routine?

I do eat carbs, and I am well controlled…the ADA says under 150 grams per day…That is Too High for a lot of people! I keep my carb count Under 80 grams a day…Use whole grain breads not white! They are lower carb. I use Sugar free Drink mix packets, they taste great, you really can’t taste the differance! Lots of veggies, some fruits are allowed…berries, some are lower than others for sugar…Lean meats…Steel Cut Oats= lower carbs…I will put some stuff from my group on FB here to give you more help…

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