Hello from CareZone's Founders

Hi! Walter and I know living with, or caring for someone with health challenges can be isolating. That’s why we created these communities, as an outlet for you and your family, a way to introduce you to one another, and an opportunity for you to be the supportive voice for others.

So please take the time to let someone know you’ve read their post, or understand their challenges. From personal experience, it really does matter.

Thank you for being a part of CareZone. What else can we do to simplify your life? Post below to let us know…

Jonathan and Walter
CareZone Founders


This is a great app and I couldn’t have made it through a tough period of health challenges without it. I took care of both my parents who had many chronic conditions that required close follow up and many meds. How I wish I’d had Care Zone then! I had all their meds and appointments on my computer but it was before smart phones and apps. Thanks so much for all the work you’re doing on keeping Care Zone up to date and creating new features.


I have been using the carezone app for quite some time. I love it. It helps me to keep track of my meds and that I have taken them. I also take my b/p twice a day and keep track of my weight.


I find care Zone very helpful with keeping track on the ever so many prescriptions I take.


I’m 66 suffering a lot of aging concerns. Also, I’ve got a Friend 63 who cognitive abilities, as are mine, noticeably!

Each of us are on Meds!
Me about 12, him about 6.
Part of the problems are how strong and debilitating these are! We’ve been on these a very long time, EACH!


I recently started using this app. I find it helpful but have not used all the parts of the app. It has helped me to keep tabs of when to take my meds. I hope to find others that are in similar health issues and how to cope. I’m 66yrs old and recently moved into a Sr. Complex and having to realize I can’t do what I used to do. I’m here for anyone who wants or needs to communicate with someone. God bless you all. I am humbled


Hi! I’m a 76yr male married 53 yrs and have two beutiful girls with loving families.
I am living with stage 4 Leukemia and type 2 Diabetes. Other than that, I don’t feel to bad for the shape I’m in! I like to work on craft projects and think outside the “box” at times.


I’m looking forward to connecting with other caregivers. My mom is 92 and since 2009, it’s been one crisis after another. I just need to know how others are dealing with certain situations. I think this app will help many.


I’m 58 years old, I’ve got COPD, Emphysema, Authorities. I’ve had to get both my knees replaced, I had a disk replaced in my neck. My back on L4 L5 L6 had to get shaved the bone and add cement. I always in up in hospital at least 2 times a year with problems with my lungs. This last time I got my oxygen level has been low, I’m having alot of breathing problems. The level keeps going down to 75 and very hard getting it back up. I have alot more but I think this is enuff.


CareZone is an AMAZING app! I care for myself, my husband, my in-laws and my parents. The in-laws are in their 80’s and have lots of meds and appointments. They are both on walkers, take many meds, one has Alzheimer’s and the other some memory problems. My parents are in their 90’s and my mom has cancer with Hospice in place and my dad is active and a few health issues. Keeping up with meds, appointments, insurance cards and just keeping notes has all been SO much easier using CareZone! I have had to look up Information when we go to doctors and having it all at my fingertips is so very helpful to both me and the doctors/nurses. I can’t thank you, CareZone, enough for caring in this special way/app! I have recommended this app to numerous folks! Thank u!


I like this app because it helps m me keep track of all the meds that I take and my weight blood pressure and body temperature which I have to monitor every day including my blood sugar. I don’t know that I’d be able to be on track so well without the help of this app. I also love that it keeps a running list of all my meds in the times that I’m supposed to take them since I want so many.


Thank you for telling me bout this group


I have been humbled so much the last few months. I have had back surgery ×3, I have Copd, Emphasema, stomach full of ulcers due to having 2 hernia surgery. It has taken a toll on my son and daughter . I recently moved to a retirement facility. I am ok soso but started having issues again and realized why in here. I know how you feel. I will be here if you ever need to talk. Have a blessed day


I’m 43 n have lived with chronic pain and debilitating migraines for 10 years. I know that’s young and realize people have it much worse. About a year and a half ago my brother was diagnosed with ALS. I helped starting taking care of him in all capacities. I realized when my angel passed that I enjoyed caregiving so I went to school to get my Certificate Nursing Assistant. I graduated and have not been able to use it yet because of my own disabilities but I am determined to help others and in the process help myself. Carezone has helped me keep my medical needs in place and I stumbled upon this forum so I am looking forward to it!


Thank you it has given me peace of mind knowing that i am not alone.


Thank you for this app. I discovered it about 6 mo. ago and I love it. Having my med list at my fingertips at the doctors office is great. I track my sugar, sleep patterns, weight and pain level on a daily basis. I have recommended this site to many people. A couple were even nurses who found it really great. Thank you.


What’s going on?
I love CareZone!! I have lupus and i am on do many medications i can’t count. CareZone helps me keep track of everything!!


Hello my name is Libby Broadnax from Newport News Va. I’m a 52 year old . I’ve been disabled every since 2014. I have a long list of conditions. Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, Afib. Thanks for the welcome. I need all the help I can get. And I’ve been married 19 years to a wonderful man. He’s retired also. Thanks so much.


I find this app very useful. I’ve been using it for awhile. Thanks


Hi glad for this community